From the book the 13th stone. R. Lewis

The Thirteenth Stone: Mankind has used religion as a universal means of self-delusion and avoiding simple truth. God can only be loved and worshipped by man in the love and kindness he displays toward all other living things which themselves are the embodiment of God.

The truth, itself a manifestation of God within us, was once audible to all mankind. We stopped listening and the message became blurred. We have become deaf. We have fallen asleep to the awareness of it. It is the Way or Dao.
Love and kindness, the truthfulness, uprightness and justice with which we deal with the world that is the only form of true religious worship. It is also the only means by which man can manifest the power of God within him.

But most important is the fact that he was primarily concerned with establishing a kingdom of heaven on earth. He did not concern himself with the metaphysical, but believed men must first change from within. His basic attitude seems to have been that he could not teach the mysteries of heaven when people did not understand the secrets of life on earth (refer John 3, 12).

Western man is rapidly becoming a walking mindless corpse who has sold his soul to the devil we call progress. A creature who cannot think independently has no humanity; he is a beast who shuns education and thereby surrenders his freedom.

So much are we already enslaved to demonic progress that many cannot compute simple transactions without the aid of a calculator. Man has abandoned his freedom and thus should head the list of the earth’s endangered species.

Our world is a wonderful and dreadful place. It is filled with danger for the unwary, particularly for those who insist on passively consuming the garbage and poisons which our society produces in vast amounts. And you, you eat by choice from the gutter and wonder why you are sick.

This is not only so because of the actual possibility, but because you must acknowledge that you have lazily surrendered power over your own life. God, as I understand matters, only helps those who try to help themselves. The great division of humanity that is almost upon us is that between the living and the living dead. Truth to tell, each of us must make his Grail Quest alone.

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